Personal Chef

Have no time to cook? Tired of eating unhealthy? Want to try something new?


Let Chef Sean help you spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying life with family and friends with in-home chef services.


Personalized meal plans are available on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.

  • Individual client assessment
  • Customized menu(s)
  • Fresh meal preparation & cooking
  • Packaging, labeling, & storage
  • Handling instructions
  • Kitchen clean-up
  • Recipes (available upon request)

In addition to your entrees of choice, meals can be served with:


Extra Sides


Each entree already comes with one side dish specifically created to compliment your entree. If you feel like a little extra, each additional side, vegetable or starch, contains 4 servings and is priced at $20.




Salads are great when you need that additional component for your meal. Choose from a variety of different salads or allow the chef to custom make a salad for you. Each salad is accompanied with a dressing. Each salad contains 4 servings, and is priced at $30.




Chef Sean prides himself in making all of his soups from scratch with the finest fresh ingredients. Choose from a variety of different soups to enjoy with your meal. Each batch of soup contains 32 oz., or 4 servings of 8 oz's each and is priced at $20.

Chef Sean Correll

Chef Sean Correll is an executive chef known for his award-winning Italian cuisine. Born in New York and raised in New Hamsphire, Chef Sean has years of experience in restaurants, private clubs, catering and personal chef service. 

Recipe of the Month:

Crab Cakes

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